1. Turn The Page

From the recording Turn The Page

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This song was hatched during a conversation I had with co-writer and animator Tamara Warren in late October, 2019. We were becoming increasingly concerned about the level of dissonance, negativity and "un-Presidential" actions occurring in the White House and across the United Ttates government. I recall thinking "why aren't we, the U.S. citizens objecting more directly to what's going on? Why are we letting this happen? Ultimately, we agreed that it was time to turn "the page"– that there needed t be a call to action. Something to encourage people to get involved. Ultimately, to get people to vote. We began to work on the song immediately, never having any idea how much crazier things were going to get over the coming months..

So, here we are now, a year later, with one of the most important, contested, frightening, and unconventional presidential elections just weeks away, releasing the song, "Turn The Page". Our hope is that it gives a nudge to those who are still sitting in the shadows, or those on the fence, to get out and vote for what's right and good, and what represents the bedrock of ideas, behavior, and commitment upon which our country was founded.


Turn The Page
Words: Eric T. Brandt & Tamara Warren
Music: Eric T. Brandt

Open the book, let’s start a new chapter
Imagine a new world full of happiness and laughter.
But We’re all wrapped up in ugly distractions.
C’mon let's to join together and take some action

wakin’ up to the world we live in
turn away from hypocrisy and greed
Standin' up to make the choice we’ve been given

Raise Your Voice
Turn the page….

We’re walkin' the line between riches and ruins
Some thrive while others survive, caught up in a cage
In your heart you grow peace and compassion
grab the spark, take power from the rage

What’s the cost to make a rich man richer?
Whose children will be carrying the load?
Join the charge against the lies and corruption

Raise Your Voice
Raise your hand
Make the choice
Turn The Page

Wake up. smell the burning flag of freedom
Rise up, climb the steps and state your demands
Look up, watch the circus start to crumble
Stand up, and leave your shell on the sand

Open your eyes to the light of a new day
Clear the darkness from your mind
Open your arms and embrace a new way

Raise Your Voice
Raise your hand
Make the choice
Take a stand
Turn the page….